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Recapturing the Joy
A Journal for Bereaved Parents

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Deborah Anthony

Mother ~ Author  

Healed Bereaved Mother

Business Owner

Little Miss Erin

My Firstborn ~ Mama's Joy

Born June 3, 1978

Died December 6, 1984
~ Message from the Author ~
Recapturing the Joy is an interactive journal designed specifically for all the bereaved parents of the world.  I chose to write this book in 2006, after having been thrust into the role of bereaved parent in 1984.
If you are not a bereaved parent, I am sure  you know one or more.  The number of bereaved parents in the world grows daily and it will always be that way.
When one of our children dies, we not only lose them but also our joy of life is taken.  Recapturing the Joy is a resource to help the bereaved re-create their life in such a way that they are able to revive that which no longer comes so easily. 
The format of the book and journalling exercises included are designed in a non-subjective  and dignified manner which make it easy for the user to connect.  It is a heart-to-heart resource.
I am honoured to be able to say that Recapturing the Joy has become a popular gift item and when gifted, creates a win-win experience for everyone! 
I can be reached personally via e-mail should you wish to do so. 
 ~ Deborah ~ 
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